MX-Peneton: Wide view X-ray inspection system

Recommended when the inspection of these items:


The useful pull-out stage to see a large sample.
1. Space-saving ... MX-Peneton can be deployed into tight spaces.
2. Small group work ... Stage of sample placement, inspection and remove, you can work all alone.
3. Consideration for safety ... When the drawer is open, no X-ray irradiation.
PC and image processing software are equipped standard goods.
You can also check the internal image of the moving parts in a live x-ray images.

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Specifications of MX-Peneton

X-ray tube Tube Voltage 40kV〜80kV
X-ray current 0.15mA〜1.25mA
Focus size 0.5mm
Tube construction Sealed
X-ray CCD View 200mm×267mm
(Option: 300mm×400mm)
Drawing out Size (W)600mm×(D)500mm×(H)380mm
Motion Size 140mm×120mm
Cabin Size (W)710mm×(D)630mm×(H)1670mm
X-ray leak level under 1.0μSv/h
Image processing function ImageView With Image processing functions.
PC With PC standard

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How to use the sample table

Just put the sample in a drawer to complete the set.

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Examples of X-ray images

Sample(kidswear) Appearance
(by digital camera)

Sample(kidswear) X-ray image


Sample(Stuffed) Appearance
(by digital camera)

Sample(Stuffed) X-ray image


Sample(glue gun)

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