Corporate Information

mediXtec Japan Corporation

Corporate Information

mediXtec Japan Corporation is a special manufacturer of X-ray system.

High-resolution microfocus X-ray tube (sealed tube and open tube), as well as the Research and Development on Application of X-ray inspection, we manufacture and sell the X-ray inspection systems.

The engineer group of the development is commercializing a unique X-ray application product.

X-ray inspection system developed by our innovative, including the domestic semiconductor companies, we have utilized our many customers that require a non-destructive testing and quality control in areas such as circuit boards.

About mediXtec Japan

· Company Name: mediXtec Japan Corporation
· Head Office (Factory) : 179-35 Kushizaki-shinden Matsudo-shi, Chiba, 270-2216 JAPAN
· TEL: +81-47-383-2061
· FAX: +81-47-383-2062
· URL:
· The Establishment date :
· Capital : ¥50,000,000 yen
· President: Daisuke Yamada
· Business contents :

Production and sales of microfocus X-rays equipment.

Import sales of micro focus X-rays units

Exportation of X-rays equipment and units

Maintenance and inspection of X-rays equipment.

Overseas agency

For sales to China, please contact to:
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