Perfect for internal observation of molded parts! Compact model

Desk-top type X-ray System
MX-90Basic / MX-60Basic

Recommended case the inspection of these items:


Largest X-ray detection field of this class X-ray machine (24 × 18mm)!!
Fast and easy operation employs multi-function lever
XY and the rotation are operated with one lever. The image processing system is installed and the image processing of super-high speed, and operated by one button easily.
Compact, lightweight, space-saving realized
The jig to position a lot of sample can be installed.

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Specifications of MX-90Basic / MX-60Basic

MX-90Basic MX-60Basic
X-ray tube X-ray voltage 30kV〜90kV 20kV〜60kV
X-ray current 0〜0.5mA 0〜0.8mA
Focus size 0.1mm
X-ray CCD Resolution 13LP/mm
view 24mm×18mm
table size (W)596mm×(D)470mm×(H)60mm
motion size 160mm×100mm
Rotary axis 360°
Cabin size (W)692mm×(D)554mm×(H)588mm
X-ray leak level Under1.0μSv/h
Cabin Weight 125kg
Image processing function ImageView With Image processing functions.
PC With PC standard

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Examples of X-ray images by MX-90Basic / MX-60Basic

Voids in the solder ball

Short solder ball

Burning of the cement resistor


Internal mechanical switch

Internal capacitor

IC internal

Voids within the die-cast aluminum

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