Upper compact model

Desk-top type X-ray System MX-90wide

Recommended case the inspection of these items:


Wide field X-ray view: once found in large boards and samples (80 × 60mm)
Variable magnification features
Supports from small to large samples.
Fast and easy operation employs multi-function lever (XY and the rotation are operated with one lever.)
You can intuitively easy to understand, rather than using the buttons to position.
The image processing system is installed and the image processing of super-high speed, and operated by one button easily.
MX-90wide can be inspected in larger parts than MX-90Basic.
Die-cast aluminum automotive parts and thin crack in cast iron can be observed.
The resolution improves by installing the option. (Image Intensifier Tube)

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Specifications of MX-90wide

X-ray tube X-ray voltage 30kV〜90kV
X-ray current max 0.5mA
Focus size 0.1mm
X-ray CCD view 80mm×60mm(scale can be changed by the handle)
Option(I.I) view 80mm×60mm
switch 4inch / 2inch
table size (W)600mm×(D)470mm×(H)140mm
motion size 180mm×200mm
Rotary axis 360°
Cabin size (W)700mm×(D)600mm×(H)770mm
X-ray leak level Under1.0μSv/h
Cabin Weight 170kg
Image processing function ImageView With Image processing functions.
PC With PC standard

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Examples of X-ray images: by MX-90wide+I.I.

Small motor


Aluminum Die Casting

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